The Kettlebell Guide:
Part 5

Time to build muscle with
The Kettlebell Guide 5

kettlebell guide 2, more warm ups, suitcase lift, triceps raise, figure 8 around legs, squat press, stiff leg deadlift, swing snatch, around body

How to correctly work the spine:
Follow Paul Fallows tips

Jamie Lloyd tells his back story

Sue Pike reveals how kettlebells helped her
overcome a back injury

Interview with award-winning drug-free weight lifter Steve Angell

Extra equipment to help you train

Usual suspect catch up

Safe training guide

16 pages of exercises to strengthen the core

Warm-ups: Back special issue

Why you should drink water to lose fat and train better


Walking Swing / Halo Swing / See-saw Press / Double Windmills / Renegade Row / Side Lean / Side Press / Sots Press

kettlebell exercises

Issue 5 – time to move on to those more challenging exercises. The more you have in your repertoire, the easier it becomes to sustain a regular training discipline.

Think you’ve mastered working out with one kettlebell? Maybe it’s time to pick up a second and test your body a bit more. However, we must stress that you should have fully mastered the previous exercises and built up your strength, before pushing your body too far. These aren’t exercises for the novice lifter, and if you’re unsure about working them with your current weight, go for a lighter kettlebell and work your way up. Better still, seek out a qualified instructor.

Also in his issue, Rob Beauchamp discusses the important of muscles and strength for your lifelong health and fitness. He also offers a few workouts to help you gain optimum strength. Finally, read Meghan Lamont’s diet feature about food intolerances and how they can slow down weight loss.

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rob 'beau Beauchamp – top marine PT instructor on kettlebellsThe Importance of Muscle & Strength for Health, Fitness and Performance

Top Marine PT instructor takes you through your paces and discusses the secrets of a healthy life. Plus he offers some exercise routines at the end to keep the results you crave.

Video demos

Each kettlebell exercise includes a video demo too.

food for fitness trainingYou Aren’t What You Eat!

Nutritionist and kettlebell instructor, Meghan Lamont discusses food intolerances and how to detect them in your body. Ever wondered why you exercise so hard and can’t shed those troublesome inches – rethink the way you eat to achieve that body you want.

kettlebell targeted muscle groups Why train with kettlebells?

Know the muscles you’re working. Full body charts show targeted muscle groups for each kettlebell exercise.


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