Wood is an incredibly strong natural material and products made from it will give you many years of service when treated with care. But as a natural material, wood can be affected by its environment. That’s why it’s super important to make sure that your Indian Clubs, Persian Meels, & other wooden equipment is looked after. Here are a few tips to keep your BMF equipment in top condition for a very long time.



  • Store in a cool and dry area that is less than room temp if possible. Over summer a garage is ideal, or simply a cool area of your home.
  • Keep your Persian Meels, Clubs, and Gada in one place – wood prefers stable & consistent temperatures.


  • Leave in direct sunshine or by a window.
  • Store close to direct heat sources such as radiators and underfloor heating.
  • Keep your equipment in damp areas. Moisture is not wood’s friend.

Let’s talk about oils and how you can utilise them to maintain your equipment and ensure they continue to look and work their best for many years.

Danish Oil
Danish Oil is a hard drying oil, made from Tung or Linseed, and cures to give a light satin finish that resists liquids well.

Frequency: Apply a thin coat of Danish Oil using a rag 1-2 times per year. You may wish to wear plastic gloves when applying this oil to avoid sticky fingers.

Please note: Cheaper, low quality Danish oils often contain higher proportion of added toxins, so spend what you can afford. I personally use Rye Oil’s Danish oil but these only come in 5 litre minimm size. Rustins are Liberon are ideal alternatives.

Neem & Castor Oil
Neem and Castor Oil are unblended natural oils that do not harden. They are a more natural option compared to Danish Oil, and Ayurvedic practices even recommend using them as part of skincare & cleansing routines! The downside is they require more regular applications.

Frequency: Every other month/as soon as the wood looks dry. Mix 1:3 neem to castor oil and apply thinly with a rag. No need to wear gloves, let the oil nourish your skin as well as the wood.

Apply either oil/blend thinly & evenly with a rag or old T-Shirt using a circular motion to really work the oil into the wood. Allow the oils to soak into the wood for 20 minutes before wiping off any excess with a clean cloth in the direction of the grain. Tip: final wiping stroke should also be from widest point of the club toward the narrow, so some strokes will be up the club and some will be down.

Danish oil takes around anything from 6 to 24 hours to dry, but I’d recommend leaving your clubs for 24 hours once you’re happy with the result. The neem & castor oil is a ‘wet’ oil application so doesn’t actually dry completely. Let your oiled clubs stand for 1 hour to let the oil settle before using.

I personally prefer oils over wax as they allow the wood to breathe while adding nourishment. You can use clear furniture wax or beeswax if preferred, and varnish for the most minimal upkeep. We rarely use varnish anymore, but you can apply it to a surface previously finished with oil after a light sanding if that’s your preference.

Hope that was useful, do comment below if you need any more information.


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