Sim D Kehoe INDIAN CLUBS – 4.5kg strength clubs


Pair of heavy replica Sim D Kehoe Indian clubs – hand-turned in sustainably sourced vaagei hardwood with oiled finish. Neem oil both nourishes the wood and is kind to the skin, while allowing a good connection with the club. We have tried to remain as faithful as possible to the original designs of these wonderful Indian clubs. They make for a more strength based work out and a real joy to swing. A more tactile alternative to clubbells.

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Small Sim D Kehoe Indian Clubs turned from sustainable Indian walnut hardwood. Made by craftsman within a charity organisation that supports over 400 villages in southern India, whom BMF supports. We donate 10% of production costs to the charity.
Weight: c. 4.5-5kg each club
Length: 460mm
Neem oiled finish

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