SDK heavy INDIAN CLUBS – 3-5kg (6-11 lb)


Pair of heavy replica SDK Indian clubs – hand-turned from either kiln-dried hardwood or air-dried walnut hardwood. We have tried to remain as faithful as possible to the original, elegant designs by Sim D Kehoe with these beautiful Indian clubs. They make for a more strength based work out and a real joy to swing in all club disciplines.
WEIGHTS: 3 to 5kg each club | LENGTH: 640mm


Our walnut Sim D Kehoe Indian Clubs are turned from sustainable Indian hardwood. Made by craftsman within a charity organisation that supports over 400 villages in southern India, whom BMF supports. They also have a tree planting project where 200,000 new trees are planted every year. We donate 10% of the production costs to the charity.

Here’s Harbert aka the.Flowing.Dutchman taking a pair for a spin on
Nourished with neem oil and finished with Danish oil.

Clubs sourced from solid walnut logs and as such, carry a risk of small cracks appearing. These are considered cosmetic and can be easily fixed using wood glue. Should your clubs display excessive splitting, then please let us know if this happens and we can work out a solution. Follow this link for inforation on care and maintenance.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 76 × 27 × 17 cm
Indian clubs


3kg kiln-dried, 3.5kg kiln-dried, 4kg air-dried, 5kg air-dried, 4.5kg kiln-dried, 5kg kiln-dried


  1. Ash

    I have come to expect incredible quality from Peter and this company. And this time has been no exception. Beautiful clubs, these offer a solid and advanced workout. Love them like all my BMF clubs and maces.

  2. Laurie

    Very versatile clubs, they offer a really vigorous workout when used for more open wider swings for longer periods of time, but can also be used as a crossover into heavier club work. As ever very well made and balanced, and look really good too.

  3. Simon

    SDK pattern are a delight to swing at any weight, and the balance of these clubs is just about perfect. They work beautifully in a wide range of complex moves. They are not too bulbous for milling and an aspiring Ali Farzaneh could use them to start learning Zorkaneh-style swings as well. They are also beautiful, which is a nice bonus. Great service from Peter; I am one satisfied customer!

  4. Arthur

    Really good for complex moves. Natural wood patterns are just amazing.

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