I appreciate that some of you have been waiting for our Persian meels and other items for some time now, so I just wanted to share some information about why production has been delayed for nearly a year now, and when they will be available.


In 2018, a friend introduced me to a wonderful charity based in India that empowers rural communities by providing health facilities, education, training, business support, tree planting and women’s empowerment programs. Sustainable development is at the heart of the charity and it has been a privilege to work with their woodturners over the past three years. The charity now produces most of our meels, all our karlakattai style clubs plus out smaller walnut club collections. We have a great relationship with them, and after paying the charity and associated craftsmen for their work, we donate an additional 10% to the charity. The majority of this goes towards their highly successful tree-planting project, ensuring that timber is harvested responsibly, and environmental resources are restored and protected.


Until coronavirus came along, things were all going great. Unfortunately, there were a number of extensive lockdowns in India this year, which halted production on three occasions. It’s been a challenging old year, and although it may look like we are taking our time making your Persian meels, rest assured that we have been doing everything we can behind the scenes to keep things turning.


Today I am very pleased to share that a very big delivery has arrived at Body Mind Fit HQ, and the sorting, sanding, and pairing is at full speed. Currently I am prioritising getting your pre-orders out to you, and then I will move on to other items, adding them to the shop as soon as the oil has dried! Here’s a list of what I’ll be releasing over the next few days:
Pre-Christmas shop update:
 BD-X clubs
✸ Persian meels – 2 to 10kg
✸ Kai karlai – 2.5 to 5kg
✸ Indian jori – 7kg & 10kg
January update:
✸ Persian meels – 12 to 15kg.
 Thoppai – 8kg
✸ Buja karlai
Adjustable gadas
✸ Monster teardrop gadas
Just a note to say, delivery services are incredibly busy at this time of year, and some of the items listed above will not be added to the online shop until early January, so if you are hoping to gift/receive any of the items listed above in time for Christmas, it may be worth considering sending an E-Gift Voucher instead. These can be redeemed for any of our products, and are available here should you wish to take a look.


I hope this gives a little more clarity to delays, thanks again for your patience, for supporting BMF, and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas break however you choose to celebrate. Any questions, just reach out to me via email and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
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