Energy ball or fiery planet?

Energy ball or fiery planet?

I had to double-take a recent photo of Venus as it bore a remarkable resemblance to the BMF rootwood tai chi balls. Can you tell which is which?

Both have a warm orange glow to them and both can be said to generate heat! However, that is where the similarities end as our solid wood balls would burn up instantly on this hostile planet. One resides in a CO2 saturated atmosphere while the other encourages oxygenation of the human body.

Venus has a mean temperature of 462ºC, as it produces an intense greenhouse effect, trapping heat in its atmosphere – hot enough to melt lead. Venus is the second planet from the Sun and named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty. In ancient times it was thought to be two different stars – the evening and morning stars. In Latin they were called Vespar and Lucifer. In early Christian times, Lucifer became known as the name of Satan before his fall. However, modern space observations revealed Venus to be a quite hellish environment, the hottest planet in our solar system.

Tai chi ball (aka taiji ball) is a Chinese practice used originally by warriors in preparation for fights and battles. Feeling heat is a sign that chi is circulating through the body. Working with a tai chi ball therefore helps develop an awareness of energy and this brings several health benefits…

Reduces aches and pains
Tai chi ball practice helps relieve the body of the various physical aches and can even correct physical impairment. It has shown to treat people who were found to be suffering from knee arthritis, fibromyalgia and other types of arthritis related problems.
Improves flexibility
Another superb benefit of using a tai chi ball is that it enhances a person’s physical flexibility. Using the ball or incorporating it in the physical workout can help stretch muscles and thereby improve flexibility.
Improves strength
One of the major benefits of using a tai chi ball is that it helps a person improve his/her physical strength by a great deal., thereby enhancing muscular function.
Improves circulations
Doing any form of tai chi including tai chi ball has been proven to improve blood circulation. This, in turn, can improve function of many other body parts.
Aids visualisation and relaxation
Tai chi ball helps practitioners to become stress free and relaxed. It also leads to better visualisation through increased focus and concentration.
Improves alignment
Regular practice of tai chi ball helps the body to become more centrally aligned, well balanced and results in an overall better structure.

The BMF premium tai chi balls range from 140-300mm (5.5 to 12 inches) and weigh from 1 to 11kg (1.5-24 lbs).

BTW – on the lead photo, Venus is on the left, I think! 😉

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