PivotKit – clubs, staff, shena, flowmace & ball

PivotKit – clubs, staff, shena, flowmace & ball

Meet the PivotKit – a collection of training tools that shift the body from linear and repetitive exercises to 3D movement and flow. Created in collaboration with Nathan Juarez, owner of Pivot Fitness.
Whether you’re a total beginner, or ready to upgrade your home gym setup, consider this kit your 3D fitness 101. Each of these tools provides a unique opportunity to develop how we move our bodies and builds a foundation of strength, mobility and flow.

The kit includes:

  • The primal flow mace: A 2kg solid red oak training mace with grooved grip areas – perfect for maceflow routines that develop overhead mobility in combination with functional core strength and coordination. It can also be used to practice new movements before moving onto heavier weights.
  • Indian clubs: One pair of hand turned 600-800g Indian clubs crafted from solid Indian walnut wood. Lighter than standard Indian clubs, these clubs are perfect for beginners or for those who wish to explore exercises like snake moves that build fine motor control and coordination in an open chain structure.
  • The bo staff: to develop your body’s natural movements and power in flow. Made from white oak with steel joinging screw for the two halves. Measures 1520mm (5 ft) in length with 38mm (1.5 inch) diameter. Used mainly in martial arts, these heavier staffs are also used for developing strength, speed and agility.
  • And the shena board: Our premium 700mm push up board made from steamed beech wood. The shena push up board is designed to develop upper body strength and solidify the core through ground-based push variations and functional flows.

Optional extra

  • Tai chi ball: Choose from either a 7” or 10” tai chi ball crafted from beautiful root wood. Use to develop core strength and mindfulness through rotation and subtle movement.

Each one of these training tools provides a unique understanding of functional movement that translates into our daily lives. With endless opportunities to unlock further strength, mobility and mindfulness, this kit provides years of exploration into 3D movement regardless of experience or age. Click here to shop the pivot kit.

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