THOPPAI KARLAI style – 7kg to 9kg single walnut ‘belly club’


Single thoppai karlai, karlakattai-style ‘belly club’. Designed to develop strength around the core, as in the southern Indian traditional martial art of body conditioning. We offer this style of club in two sizes. The entry level is 480mm long and the pro version is 600mm long and made from wood selected from the base of the tree for optimum density. Both should only be used by those with prior experience of karlakattai club swinging practice. We always advise starting off with smaller clubs, such as the kai karlai, due to the high repetitions and necessity to refine your technique with lightest size first, regardless of your peceived strength. Each karlakattai club is turned in stunning walnut wood and finished with water based varnish. Weights range from 4kg through to 10kg.

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Karlakattai clubs traditionally have a thicker grip diameter – as compared to regular Indian clubs or Persian meels – and this adds to their level of effort required.

Each club is hand-turned from a single piece of walnut timber by craftsman within a charity organisation that supports over 400 villages in southern India, whom BMF supports. In addition, we donate 10% of production costs to the help the charity as well as their tree planting. Due to the nature of wood there is a variation in density and colour. Sold as single club.
See here Master Jothi Senthil Kannan demonstrating karlakattai movements using the thoppai karlai.

NB. These clubs are sourced from solid walnut logs and as such, carry a risk of small cracks appearing. These are considered cosmetic and can be easily fixed using wood glue. Should your clubs display excessive splitting, then please let us know if this happens and we can work out a solution. Follow this link for inforation on care and maintenance.

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Dimensions 63 × 22 × 22 cm
Indian clubs


4kg, 5kg, 7kg, 8kg, 9kg, 10kg


  1. Adam

    Utterly humbling – I bought the 10kg after a year of using the 5.5kg Kai Karlai, and after two years of clubbell use at weights right up to 20kg, but this lump of wood has beaten me! The grip diameter, the weight distribution and the size all add up to being incredibly difficult to use, yet also incredibly rewarding. Constant presence of mind is required, with really good attention to form or it will hurt you. Obviously the flip side of this is it will also make you a lot stronger.
    An utterly lovely chunk of wood to look at too. With air-dried wood this size splits seem inevitable, but they don’t affect the use, and I’m learning to love them for the character and story they add to the tool.
    Excellent speedy service from BMF too, I’m a very satisfied customer, although quite sore!

  2. Ashley Briscoe

    The colour and quality of the wood is hard to do justice with simple text. Stunning clubs. Great care oiling and smooth deliver. Don’t hesitate. These are beasts and will give you one heck of a workout.

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