Teardrop INDIAN CLUBS sapele 550g


Pair of Victorian-style teardrop Indian clubs – high quality, turned in sapele hardwood and finished with a coat of Danish oil to both protect and enhance the wood.
Length: 486mm | Weight: c. 500-600g

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Pair of Victorian-style Teardrop Indian clubs – high quality turned in sapele hardwood with a Danish oil finish. Lighter than regular Indian clubs, these can be used for moves where dexterity is called for as well as for shoulder injury rehab as used by some physiotherapists. Clubs are paired according to proximity of weight first, followed by aesthetic appearance. Variations in appearance may occur from the pair pictured here, such is then nature of wood.

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Dimensions 52 × 13 × 10 cm
Indian clubs


  1. Sinisa B.

    This is my first wooden pair of indian clubs. I’m so glad I ordered them – they are beautifully crafted and swinging them first thing in the morning feels awesome. Wrist rolls and moulinetes feel very natural and smooth compared to other (plastic) clubs I’ve tried. Highly recommended!

  2. Neil

    If you are into swinging Indian Clubs then in my view a Teardrop is a must to add to your collection. Just bought a Teardrop in sapele from BMF…my second purchase from this Co and my what a club… beautifully made and fantastic to swing. Thanks Pete for another great club.

  3. Ivan

    My first pair of Indian Clubs and i don’t regret. Very beautiful made, high quality, highly recommend. I did another purchase from this company.

  4. Gregory L

    Beautiful teardrops. Very well made, solid and great design. They swing very nicely in your hand. Would recommend to anywone!

  5. Kirsten Tulloch

    This is my second pair of Indian Clubs, the first from this company. Beautifully made. A pleasure to swing. I am fairly new to the discipline but the quality is evident and that alone makes me want to use them. I will absolutely buy from this company again. No hesitation in recommending them.

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