Tai chi, Wushu STICK (BAN)


38cm tai chi stick (ban) made from heavy locust hardwood.
Includes black drawstring bag


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The tai chi Ruler and Ban Stick are a yin yang pair used in the arts of Wushu (Kungfu) and taiji. The Ban Stick is Yang and benefits the external joints, ligaments, and muscles. The Ruler is Yin, and develops the internal focus and energy – nourishing and strengthening the Qi. The Ruler is light, while the Ban Stick is heavy. The Ban Stick is straighter, while the Ruler is more rounded with softer curves and a central sphere that represents the dantien energy centre of the body. The Ban Stick uses twisting, joint-locking movements and increases grip strength and flexibility. The Ruler gathers and consolidates Qi to deepen the practice of stillness.

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Weight 0.85 kg
Dimensions 38 × 12 × 8 cm


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