Starter INDIAN CLUBS – 600g (1.2lb ea.)


Pair of Starter Indian clubs – available in ash or sapele timber.
L 425mm
Weight: c. 550-650g (c. 1.2lb ea.)
Finished with Danish oil


High quality machine-turned in kiln-dried timber with oiled finish to both protect and enhance the wood.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 47 × 11 × 8 cm
Indian clubs


ASH (light), SAPELE (dark)




  1. Yogi

    Hi, Do you have any shop recommendations to buy locally in India?

    • pete H

      I can ship to India from my UK shop, though this would incurr Indian import duty.

    • pete H

      Hi Yogi, sorry but I don’t.

  2. Ahmad

    Love them. I was skeptical about starting off with 1.2 lbs because it sounded too light but im glad i did. Its the perfect weight to start off with so you can get your technique right while still feeling the workout. They also have that really pleasant wood smell.

  3. Roger Garbett

    A great pair of clubs, practical and very beautiful. I am rewlly pleased with the purchase.

  4. Wendy

    Had the sapele clubs for 5 days. They are lovely to look at, hold and swing. Will keep me busy for a while and when ready to go heavier, will probably be back to get another pair here.

  5. Neil

    I have been swinging Indian Clubs for a while and decided to add a club from BMF to my collection,
    My preference is for light clubs and i am not disappointed as the club is beautifully turned and finished in sapele and is very well balanced making it an absolute joy to hold and swing.
    In my view this club is exceptional value for money.
    It is now my intention to buy from BMF a teardrop in sapele.

    • pete H

      Thanks Neil. Sapele teardrops should be back in stock by 16 July 🙂

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