Bulava / short mace – 2-3kg red oak


Short mace or long club (aka bulava) – made from red oak, these rustic clubs can whip around quickly, with the centre of weight displaced right at the end. Can also be used to perform heavy Indian club moves as well as light Persian meel swings. Varnished finish.
Weight: c. 2 to 3.5kg each club; Length 700mm.



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In the Ukrainian language, a булава (bulava) is a short mace or club, used both for military and ceremonial purposes. Neighbouring countries, also revered the bulava as a fighting weapon, from Polish and Lithuanian military leaders to Russian cossacks. Its weight distribution demands a great deal of stabilisation from your joints so not for the club swinging newbie! Considered one of the most challenging to handle, it works your core, lats, traps, triceps and all round grip strength.

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