Bulava clubs / short mace pair – 2kg red oak

Short mace or long club (aka bulava) pair – made from red oak, these rustic clubs can whip around quickly, with the centre of weight displaced right at the end. Can also be used to perform heavy Indian club moves as well as Persian meel style swings. Varnished finish. This clubs are not for the beginner as they whip around quickly. Condition yourself first with lighter clubs of traditional shapes.
Options: REGULAR 2kg | LARGE 4kg (each club in the pair).
Length: 700mm.

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Introducing our original Bulavas. These mace-like clubs are based on the traditional bulavas that originated in Ukraine and Poland, and are designed to be swung as a pair.
Whilst Bulavas are used in a similar way to heavy Indian clubs & Persian meels, the centre of weight is displaced much further from the grip, and so more stabilisation is required. This creates a more challenging swing compared to a set of meels or clubs of the same weight.
Overall these are an excellent style of heavy clubs that will challenge your core, lats, traps, triceps, grip strength and across the shoulder girdle.


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  1. Ashley Briscoe

    These mace are very special. As others have said they offer greater benefits to grip training but they are beautiful to swing as they are too look at. Surprised there aren’t more reviews.

    This is the only on place I will buy my clubs from. Amazing, can’t stop picking them up.

  2. Laurie

    These clubs are very well made, they did take a little getting used to with the weight distribution all at the end, but once I got the hang of them they were very nice to swing, have a really good flow, and present a different kind of challenge

  3. Kyle

    Again, these clubs are superb in every way. I am a big fan of the Japanese Chiishi that are used for martial arts strength routines and these bulava clubs resemble it very closely. In fact, I would say they offer even more diverse movements because they allow both traditional club swinging movements aswell as motions found in the conditioning aspect of using the chiishi. Overall, brilliant set of clubs. Well worth the buy.

    • pete H

      Thanks Kyle. I agree, they’re perfect for chi ishi conditioning.

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