Body Mind Fit designs primal functional fitness equipment, based on ancient movement practices. We produce high quality Indian Clubs, Persian Meels & Sang Shields, Push Up Boards, Gada/Mace, and Tai Chi Balls from responsibly sourced wood. We have one of the largest collections of wooden fitness equipment in the world, for dynamic strength and conditioning workouts that work your whole body.

Indian Clubs

Shapes include British military, Spalding ES, Teardrop and Victorian Indian clubs.
Weights vary from 700g to 5kg (1.5lbs to 11lbs).


Persian Meels

Beautifully hand-turned Persian Meels made from sustainable hardwoods.
Weights vary from 2kg (4kg set) to 12kg Meels (24kg set).


Gada / Mace

Solid and adjustable Gadas from sustainable hardwood timbers. Weights from 4.5kg 13kg.
We also offer a 1.5kg Training or Matchstick Mace which are perfect for lighter and maceflow workouts.


Tai Chi Balls

Regular and Premium ranges of Taiji/Taichi Balls to suite all levels. The Premium TaiChi balls are beautifully smooth to the touch, formed deep underground from intricate root networks. Each one, a unique masterpiece of nature.


Shena Push-Up Boards

Shena boards enable deeper ranges of motion during push-ups. Hand-made from steamed Beech hardwood by UK craftsmen. Choose from Classic 700mm or Premium 700mm with extra bracing for ultimate stability.


Persian Sang Shields

Sang are one of the best, strength and endurance tools around, demanding 360° stabilisation. Every piece is hand-made from sustainable hardwood. Available in sizes from 10kg (20kg set), through to 30kg (60kg set).



A staple for dynamic core strength movements, the Sumtola is often referred to as the Hindu Barbell. They are machine-turned from Mango wood with hand-carved grips. Available in 7 and 9kg weights.


Bags, Accessories & Books

Our range includes canvas bags to carry your clubs (max10kg) or yoga mats. Designed with Velcro straps to attach a push-Up board.


Bundle offers

A range of limited bundle offers. Catch them while you can!


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