Solid oak training mace with bamboo handle. These light maces have range of uses. Great for learning moves before moving onto heavier weights. They are also perfect for maceflow routines as well as warm-up and rest day movements. This is a limited edition with oak heads.
Weight is close to 1.6kg (over 3.2lbs) with a length of 1.1m.

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Mace training is a rediscovered staple of strongman and combat sports training throughout the world. This excellent full body exercise, has been a warrior conditioning tool for thousands of years – inherited by the Kushti Wrestlers of Indian, Pakistan and Persia. Known as a gada in the Indian subcontinent and the main weapon of the Hindu god Hanuman – renowned for his incredible strength.

If you need a more challenging gada, take a look at our 4kg mahogany gada or adjustable 8-12kg mahogany wood gada. The latter has a chamber for adding lead shot to reach the heavier weight. Also the screw-in handle can be used on its own as a 2.5kg warm-up mace!

Maceflow is a modern fusion of fluid movement with the addition of light mace techniques.

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Weight1.5 kg
Dimensions1120 cm



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