KAI KARLAI style – 3.5kg single walnut club


Single kai karlai, karlakattai-style Indian club. Designed to be swung either single or double handed as in the southern Indian traditional form of body conditioning  Each club is 600mm long, turned in stunning walnut wood with nourishing neem oil finish. Please note, these clubs have a regular handle diameter of 35mm whereas traditional karlakattai clubs would be a little thicker at 42mm or more.

If you prefer heavier or lighter end of the weights, please let us know during check-out.

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Each club is hand-turned from a single piece of walnut timber by craftsman within a charity organisation that supports over 400 villages in southern India, whom BMF supports. In addition, we donate 10% of production costs to the charity. Due to the nature of wood there is a variation in density and colour. We sell our karlakattai clubs separately so order 2 if you want a pair and we will endeavour to balance the weights.
Weight: c. 3.5kg each club
L 600mm

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  1. Adam Roden

    Really, really pleased with this club – I thought the BD-X clubs were my favourite until I tried this. Very nice balance, it seems to be endlessly versatile, and for me it does everything I ever wanted steel mace and clubbells to do. There’s a definite meditative quality to the way it swings, and longer, slower sessions are a joy.
    If you are looking for a club that could be used as a standalone training method, this is an excellent choice. The fact it looks gorgeous too is an added bonus!

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