Indian JORI clubs – 5-8kg walnut


Indian jori (mudgar) clubs. Indian jori swinging is an important part of the traditional exercise regime in the Indian akharas (kushti wrestler gym). Compare with Persian meels, the jori is more conal in shape, ensuring more torque resistance is generated due to greater mass being further from the grip. Each club is turned in walnut wood with nourishing oil finish.
Weight: 6-8kg each club | Length: 810mm
Due to the nature of wood, weights may vary but will be paired by proximity of weight.
Please let us know if you prefer heavier or lighter during check-out.


Each club is hand-turned from a single piece of walnut timber by craftsman within a charity organisation that supports over 400 villages in southern India, whom BMF supports. In addition, we donate 10% of production costs to the charity. Due to the nature of wood there is a variation in density and colour. We pair our clubs according to weight first and aesthetics second.

These clubs are sourced from solid walnut logs and as such, carry a risk of small cracks appearing. These are considered cosmetic and can be easily fixed using wood glue. Should your clubs display excessive splitting, then please let us know if this happens and we can work out a solution. Follow this link for information on care and maintenance.

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Indian clubs


5.5kg, 6-6.5kg, 7-7.5kg, 8kg


  1. Isaac

    I just received the jori today. My goodness… what a distinct pleasure to swing. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. What a joy to be alive and hold these. As silly as it sounds, it feels nothing short of martial to train with these. Thank you.

    I have steel clubs of the same weight. Swinging them is just not the art that swinging the jori is.

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