Hanuman Bulava clubs – 2kg or 3.5kg


Short Hanuman gada or bulava clubs – made from red oak, these clubs can whip around quickly, with the centre of weight displaced right at the end. They are versatile too and can be used to perform heavy Indian club moves as well as Persian meel style swings. Varnished finish.
Options: REGULAR 2kg | LARGE 3.5kg (each club in the pair).
Length: 700mm.

Introducing our Hanuman Bulavas, available in 2kg and c. 3.5kg. These clubs are based on the traditional bulavas that originated in Ukraine and Poland, and are designed to be swung as a pair. This new Hanuman design is similar to our first batch, with the addition of some subtle decoration, inspired by the ornate shapes of the ceremonial gada carried by the hindu god, Hanuman.
Whilst Bulavas are used in a similar way to heavy Indian clubs & light Persian meels, the centre of weight is displaced much further from the grip, and so more stabilisation is required. This creates a more challenging swing compared to a set of  meels or clubs of the same weight.
Overall these are an excellent style of heavy clubs that will challenge your core, lats, traps, triceps, grip strength and across the shoulder girdle.


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2kg Hanuman, 4kg Hanuman


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