BD-X CROSSOVER CLUBS – 2-2.5kg walnut


Pair of 2.5kg (5.5 lbs) BD-X crossover clubs. These clubs were developed through a collaboration with zurkhaneh trained Tom Crudgington of Body Development to create a cross-over club that works both as a heavy Indian club as well as an entry level Persian meel. The shape resembles the Buja Karlai club swung in the Indian karlakattai traditional martial art. Each club is 580mm long, turned in stunning walnut wood with nourishing neem oil finish.
Weight: 2-2.7kg each club, balanced in pairs
Length: 580mm
If you prefer heavier or lighter end of the weights, please let us know during check-out.

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Each club is hand-turned from a single piece of walnut timber by craftsman within a charity organisation that supports over 400 villages in southern India, whom BMF supports. In addition, we donate 10% of production costs to the charity. Due to the nature of wood there is a variation in density and colour. We pair our clubs according to weight first and aesthetics second.

These clubs are sourced from solid walnut logs and as such, carry a risk of small cracks appearing. These are considered cosmetic and can be easily fixed using wood glue. Should your clubs display excessive splitting, then please let us know if this happens and we can work out a solution. Follow this link for inforation on care and maintenance.

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  1. D Jensen

    I was a little concerned how long it would take to ship to the USA However the clubs shipped within a few days and arrived a few days later, very impressive. Equally if not more impressive was the clubs once i did receive them. The look amazing and they feel great. I am very happy with the BD-X clubs and i will be purchasing again.

  2. KC

    My lord. Just received my order. Absolute works of art. Ive been using Indian clubs and maces for years now but these are my first true pair of meels and they are stunning, as is the larger club. Had them opened within minutes of Fedex arriving.

    Thank you so much for the fast shipping and beautiful products.

  3. Marc

    Wonderful clubs. They are well balanced and a joy to train with. These clubs look and feel like they have been made by an expert craftsman. They are far superior to wooden clubs I have purchased from other outfits. I wish I had found BMF sooner. I will be coming back for more.

    • pete H

      Thanks Marc, best wishes on your clubs swinging journey.

  4. Kyle

    Superb clubs both in handling and craftsmanship. Like the above reviews, I to have some steel clubs and these wooden ones are of much better quality and feel. The vintage look is an added bonus for me as well personally. I’ll definitely be making the most use out of these clubs. Well worth the buy.

    Also, customer service has been brilliant 👌

    • pete H

      Thank you Kyle, we aim to please 🙂

  5. Adam

    Beautiful clubs – the long, thick handle makes them great for single-hand work, and the perfectly balanced pair are a joy to use for double club work.
    I’ve been using steel clubbells for a couple of years, but these are so much much smoother to use… obviously lighter, but with longer sessions and more reps I feel just as worked out! The shape of these lend themselves to heavy indian club work, meel casts and also modern clubbell movements so well.

    Also excellent service from BMF, friendly and helpful and the clubs arrived with me supernaturally fast!

    Well worth the money for well made, honest and beautiful tools to last a lifetime.

  6. Dimitris

    Very good quality and craftsmanship and in a fair and reasonable price
    they also feel good in hand
    I m very pleased with my purchase and I will order again and again

  7. Steve

    The long handle makes these perfect for single-club work where you’re passing the club from hand to hand (like you would with a karlakattai). Also, the overall length is just right, especially for short people like me: I can do straight-arm pendulum swings without whacking my feet!

    Plus the wood is gorgeous, as always.

  8. Christian Heyd

    Thick handle, very well balanced.

    A great substitute for persian Meels if you think 2kg are a bit too lightweight and 3 kg could be a bit too much.
    I use them for heavy club excercises as well as for the classical Persian Meels movement of lifting them behind the back; I am 57 years old and weigh 74 kg.

    And of course I use them instead of steel clubs swinging – feeling much better.

    The pair I received is very well balanced, say the weight difference is very, very small.

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