Foundational Persian meel drills

We always recommend you start with a below-the-ground attitude to swinging clubs of any kind. We want you to create a strong foundation of moves that will condition both mind and body. Don’t be in any rush. This safe and solid platform is essential before challenging yourself onto more advance techniques 6 months or a year later. Tom Crudgington of BD gym in Bath will always pay tribute to his greatest influence – the legendary Iranian pahlevan, Amir Esmaeli who trained the Zurhaneh way. Below, Tom shares some tips for his favourite basic Persian meel techniques.

Indian clubs foundation moves

Mace/gada technique

An introduction to gada/mace training with Tom Crudgington of Body Development gym in Bath. In the video above, Tom discusses the different sizes plus important tips for better, safer gada technique. The 35mm bamboo handles are perfect for beginners and standard mace use. Thicker handles require a greater skill level and require the hands of a conditioned mace practioner.

Good mace skills

In order to get more efficient, particular attention is given to the position of your head in relation to your hips and point of contact with the floor. Another key tip is to pull your elbows in during the ‘catching’ return arc of the mace swing. Good technique avoids too much torque in your wrist – allowing for a safer practice in the long term.

Tom has been showcasing Persian meels, gada and shena at the annual BodyPower exibition for many years and is one of the go-to sources in the UK. His PT mentorship courses in Bath help maintain ‘honest’ practice around the country.



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