The Kettlebell Guide:

Ingredients for strength training with
The Kettlebell Guide 4

kettlebell guide 2, more warm ups, suitcase lift, triceps raise, figure 8 around legs, squat press, stiff leg deadlift, swing snatch, around body

Interview with Rob Beauchamp, expert kettlebell & PT trainer in the Marines

Diet tips that aid the body build better muscle

Paul Fallows explains why correct breathing is essential

Heavy kettlebells develop 
tendon & ligament strength like nothing else:
Dave Bellamo talks about upping the weights

Workout programs designed to help you gain strength and sculpt the body you crave

12 pages packed with exercises


Towel Curl / Russian Twist / Floor Presses / Bent Press / Bulgarian Squat / Grip Levers / Bottoms Up Press / Deck Squat

kettlebell exercises

So you’ve been working out with the kettlebell for quite a while now, and you’ve started to notice that parts of your body are firming up and you’re getting in great shape. Do you want to take it to the next level? Get some more definition in those arms? Bulk up a bit more, maybe? Well this is the magazine for you.
You’ll find features from top kettlebell trainers to build a better you. Paul Fallows concentrates on breathing and how doing it correctly will help you increase the weight you lift.

Meghan Lamont is with us again and this time she discusses how, when and what you put into your body to mend and build it is just as important as what and how you lift your kettlebell.

While Jamie Lloyd offers two great programs to fit into your lifestyle. If you need any more inspiration to get moving, read the interview with Rob Beauchamp, ex-marine and co-author of The Kettlebell Bible.

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kettlebell training boot camp


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lungs – correct breathing techniques for lifting weighsBreathing behind the shield

Paul Fallows reveals that breathing isn’t as simple as you might think. Learn how to do it properly and you’ll discover your workouts will become easier and more productive.

Video demos

Each kettlebell exercise includes a video demo too.

Rob 'Beau' Beauchamp‘bells in the Marines

Rob ‘Beau’ Beauchamp – top PT trainer in the Marines. Read his inspirational story in issue 4.

kettlebell targeted muscle groups Why train with kettlebells?

Know the muscles you’re working. Full body charts show targeted muscle groups for each kettlebell exercise.


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