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The Kettlebell Guide 3

kettlebell guide 2, more warm ups, suitcase lift, triceps raise, figure 8 around legs, squat press, stiff leg deadlift, swing snatch, around body

Exclusive interview with IKKF president Steve Cotter

Fantastic diet tips from top nutritionist

Discover and train your lats by Paul Fallows

Jamie Lloyd tells you how to avoid exercise boredom

Workout programs designed to help you lose weight and gain strength

Introducing Indian clubs and how they can complement your workouts

17 pages of exercises


Turkish get up / Kettlebell Snatch / Renegade Row / Curl / Squats / Military press / Windmill / Fat burning workouts

kettlebell exercises

In issue 3 we are focusing on burning that unwanted fat. Kettlebells are great for toning up, getting fit and losing weight, but we really should not ignore our diets. Not only will a healthy diet make you feel great, it will help you shift those pounds quicker. However, were you aware that losing weight isn’t just about cutting the calories, it could be about how sensitive you are to carbs? Read our nutrition feature by our new columnist Meghan Lamont. Meghan is a certified nutritionist and registered kettlebell instructor.

Also this month, Paul Fallows discusses lats. How to find them and how to work with your ‘bell to improve the definition and strength of yours. Follow his advice and read his great article on page 12. And if you want to add interest to your workout routines why not add an Indian club or two, see page 17.

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Steve Cotter kettlebell feature


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steve cotter kettlebell side lungeSteve Cotter feature

The IKKF President and founder talks about his kettlebell career,
“kettlebells are potent… they combine aerobic and anaerobic conditioning for the entire kinetic chain”

kettlebells for a strong backWings of steel

Want to achieve a more toned physic and get more control in your lifts?
Paul Fallows helps you locate those lats and reveals how to build them up.

Video demos

Each kettlebell exercise includes a video demo too.

kettlebell targeted muscle groups Why train with kettlebells?

Know the muscles you’re working. Full body charts show targeted muscle groups for each kettlebell exercise.


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