The Kettlebell Guide:
Part 2

Protect your back and train safely with
The Kettlebell Guide 2


kettlebell guide 2, more warm ups, suitcase lift, triceps raise, figure 8 around legs, squat press, stiff leg deadlift, swing snatch, around body

How to correctly work the spine:
Follow Paul Fallows tips

Jamie Lloyd tells his back story

Sue Pike reveals how kettlebells helped her
overcome a back injury

Interview with award-winning drug-free weight lifter Steve Angell

Extra equipment to help you train

Usual suspect catch up

Safe training guide

16 pages of exercises to strengthen the core

Warm-ups: Back special issue

Why you should drink water to lose fat and train better


Warm-up ups / Swing Pull / Squat Press / Stiff leg deadlift / Suitcase lift / Triceps raise / Swing snatch / Around the body / Figure of 8 around the legs

kettlebell exercises in action

 After the success of volume one of The Kettlebell Guide we couldn’t wait to bring you volume 2, a magazine complete with video clips of each exercise.

In this issue we’re focusing on the back: how to look after it when you’re exercising, and rehabilitation stories from Jamie Lloyd and Sue Pike (wife of our resident expert Stan). Our warm-ups all focus on preparing your back for workouts and strengthening the core, while the exercises featured are designed to help increase core stability, thus protecting the back in everyday life.

In the part 3 we discuss how to use kettlebells to burn fat fast, plus more features from our regular columnists.

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Kettelbell interview Steve Angel issue


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Su Pike kettlebell back rehab swiss ball

Sue Pike – back rehab

Sue Pike recounts how kettlebells helped her come second in the Highland Games, 12 years after doctors told her not to lift weights!

Video demos

Each kettlebell exercise includes a video demo too.

 Steve Angell – drug free kettlebell training

Drug-free strength

Read Steve Angell’s story of drug-free strength and how he discovered kettlebells!

kettlebell targeted muscle groups Why train with kettlebells?

Know the muscles you’re working. Full body charts show targeted muscle groups for each kettlebell exercise.


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