The Kettlebell Guide:
Part 1

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Start exercising today!

20 pages of exercises

Hints and tips from the experts

Video clips on all exercises!

Muscles targeted guide for each exercise

Clear, ‘onion skinned’ images

Safe training guide

History of the kettlebell

Stan Pike story – the godfather of UK kettlebells

Book reviews

Extra equipment


Warm-up routine / The Swing / The Kettlebell Clean / Triceps Extension / Halo / Lunge / The Press / High Pull / Full cool-downs

kettlebell exercises in action

Welcome to the first bumper issue of The Kettlebell Guide. Within these first 56 pages we aim to introduce to you to the basics of working out with a kettlebell to reap the easily achievable results. This guide is intended as a complimentary tool to use alongside professional lessons. As with any piece of fitness equipment, in order to safely reach the results you want, a program of lessons from an instructor is strongly advised.

This first issue shows you how to warm up, introduces some of the basic exercises, and some all important cool down techniques. There are also in-depth book reviews, a round-up of optional extras – equipment to compliment your workout and improve your strength – an interview with Stan Pike, our living godfather of UK kettlebells.

As well as fully-illustrated pages, with pitfalls to watch out for, by clicking on the special pink ‘play’ icon, you will pull up a video showing you exactly how each exercise should be carried out. The 6 part series is meant to supplement professional training. Working with a competent training partner to monitor technique is also advised.

There are a further five installments of The Kettlebell Guide, with more advanced exercises, full workout routines, book reviews, additional equipment dietry advice and more. So stick with it, work hard and get the toned, agile body you crave.

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stan pike, godfather of british kettlebellsGodfather of UK kettlebells

The awesome Stan Pike – read his inspirational story of strength and kettlebells!

Video demos

Each kettlebell exercise includes a video demo too.

kettlebell targeted muscle groups Why train with kettlebells?

Know the muscles you’re working. Full body charts show targeted muscle groups for each exercise.

kettlebell suspects line-upThe usual suspects

Follow the journeys of 7 ordinary people, each with a different reason to use the kettlebell.


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