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Choose the best Indian clubs for your individual needs. Read on to learn more, or click below to go straight to the selection chart.

Indian clubs are an ancient piece of fitness equipment, originating in ancient training practices dating back hundreds of years. Today, they are used across the world by contemporary fitness professionals, athletes and individuals to build strength and conditioning in the upper body. In addition, Indian clubs can also be used to warm-up and prepare the upper body for heavier loads, restorative workouts and physiotherapy.

As with all types of exercise, your personal goals and desired outcomes for training with Indian clubs should be considered first, before selecting the equipment you use. For example, if you have been swinging Indian clubs for a year or two and you are keen to build strength, you could look at heavier types of club such as our 1kg Standard Indian Clubs, 1.5kg Spalding ES3, or 4-5kg Sim D Kehoe clubs. On the other hand, if you are a beginner looking for your first pair of clubs, you would be better suited to something lighter such as our 600g Victorian-Style Starter Indian Clubs, 300g Light Teardrop Clubs, or our 500-650g Starter Clubs.

Whilst each of our Indian clubs are designed to balance shape, length, ergonomics and weight, it is the subtle differences between these factors that create an optimal style of Indian club for a variety of needs, and create unique clubs that feel very different from others in our collection.

Here are the Indian clubs we’ve launched so far. We are always exploring and developing new Indian club shapes and designs, so check our shop page for new releases.

A wide range of Indian club sizes, shapes and weights for sale

Selecting your clubs

We hope this guide will help you identify the best type of clubs for your individual needs and ability. If you are short on time, I’d highly recommend having a quick look at the chart below before purchasing your clubs. Otherwise keep reading for plenty of information and guidance!

Click here to view or print the full PDF guide. Feel free to share with your club-swinging friends.


* Some of our larger Indian clubs (see items marked with an asterisk in the chart above) are also suitable for Persian meel style casts. These clubs should only be considered for use in Indian club style swinging after you have practiced and consolidated your technique using lighter clubs.

Top tips

  • Beginners tend to grip heavier/longer clubs too tightly and this constricts wrist flexibility. Start light!
  • An ideal first club weight for most women is: 500-600g per club (1-1.3lb)
  • An ideal first club weight for most men is: 600-750g per club (1.3-1.7lb)
  • An ideal first Indian club should measure between 40-51cm (16-20″) long.
  • Consider your personal goals and current ability when selecting clubs (and be honest!)
  • Practice regularly to consolidate and refine movements
  • Only consider swinging heavier clubs after you have conditioned your connective tissues after a minimum of 3 months of regular practice.



Indian Clubs for beginners




Choosing your first pair of Indian clubs… take it slowly and start light.









Generally speaking, if you are a beginner I would recommend starting off with a pair of clubs weighing between 500g and 1kg (1lb-2lb) each. Even if your main goal is to build strength, it’s really important to get your foundation movements right before using heavy clubs. Indian clubs are very different to dumbbells, and the heavier and longer the club is, the more torque (resistance) is generated as you swing them (as illustrated in the diagram above).

You’re probably bored of me saying this now, but it really is important to start light! A common mistake for beginners is to start off with too much weight, which leads them to grip the club too tightly. When a tight (rather than relaxed) grip holds a club, mobility is reduced, preventing full range of motion and fluid swinging patterns. Remember that Indian clubs are not just working your muscles, they are also training your ligaments and tendons which take months to strengthen/condition, and even longer to repair. Take it slowly and start light.


Light Teardrop Indian clubs – 300g (0.7lb ea.)



Starter Indian clubs – 600g (1.2lb ea.)



Victorian Starter Indian clubs – 650g (1.4lb ea.)


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