BMF makes functional fitness equipment, crafted from natural and sustainable materials. Every item is handmade by a small number of trusted craftsmen & woodturners, before receiving finishing touches at BMF Headquarters in Wiltshire, UK and being shipped all over the world.


It all started in 2005 at Kettlebell & Indian Club workshop run by Stan Pike (aka the godfather of the UK kettlebell scene). After attending the workshop, I struggled to find the right pair of Indian Clubs. So I began studying various shapes and weights, bought antique clubs, spoke to experienced practitioners, and spent countless hours developing sketches.


Eventually a local craftsmen made our first pair of Indian Clubs from my designs. The clubs were lovely to swing. I was teaching weekly kettlebell classes at the time and decided to make a few more pairs for everyone in the class. And that’s how it all started.


The normal thing would have been to stop there and get back to business as usual, but I couldn’t quite stop thinking about Indian Clubs and what other ancient fitness practices were out there. I discovered Persian Meels, which are one of seven ancient warior training disciplines of the zurkhaneh (house of strength) in Iran. Since then, we have steadily grown our range of functional fitness equipment which now includes: Indian clubs, gada/mace, Indian jori & sumtola, Persian meels, shena & sang, Tai chi balls, ruler & bang sticks.



BMF is built on curiosity. Behind every item that we produce, is months and months of material testing, training with prototypes and more testing. We strive to always experiment with a wide variety of fitness equipment, whilst making every item from sustainable and natural materials. You can read more about our sustainability here. Thanks for being a part of the story.


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