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Did you know that our 5kg Sim D Kehoe clubs are based on a traditional shape developed by American fitness enthusiast and author, Sim D. Kehoe over 100 years ago

It was while on a visit to Europe in the 1860’s, that Kehoe met the acclaimed fitness expert Professor Harrison and discovered the art of Indian club swinging. At the time, Harrison swung giant clubs and was considered the strongest man in England.



Kehoe’s clubs arrive in the USA

Upon Kehoe’s return to the states, he started to make his own versions of Indian clubs in a range of different shapes. He soon began distributing them across America, boosting their popularity & use across the country.

As you’ll see below, some of Sim D Kehoe’s shapes really stand out from other Indian Clubs – with rounded bodies that dramatically flare out from the handle, quickly curving back inwards towards the base.


Our take on the traditional Sim D Kehoe shape

As you can see from the images of our clubs below, the shape of our 5kg Sim D Kehoe clubs (or SDK’s as I call them) pays homage to some of the larger clubs made by Mr Sim D Kehoe in years gone by. Our SDK’s are hand-turned from one of my favourite woods to work with, Indian Walnut, and then finished with a light coating of high quality danish oil to both nourish and protect the wood.

They are a very fun club to swing, with the weight shifted higher up the body of the club than in standard Indian club shapes (and much closer to the grip). This creates a tighter swing vector, giving them a slightly more whip-like and challenging swing compared to standard Indian clubs. This makes them a great club for experienced swingers looking to try something a little harder, or for anyone interested in increasing the physical challenge without significant weight increase.


Hope you found that interesting. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions about Sim D Kehoe or this unique club shape.

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