Where it all began…

The Angell Gada is named in memory of the late Steve Angell who asked me to create this club a couple of years ago.

Steve had a great passion for physical culture. His commitment, humility, and incredible displays of strength were revered by many across the global strength community. He was a man of his word – a humble, virtuous man, dedicated to his family. I fondly remember him receiving some BMF gadas and meels back in 2019 and stealing a few minutes from decorating his daughters bedroom to test-drive them and let me know his thoughts soon after they arrived.


Onto the drawing board

In 2020, Steve asked me to design a heavyweight gada similar to those swung in India in times gone by. He sent me a couple of old black and white photos (see image below) and asked if I could make something similar… with a total weight of 20kg…!

I knew it was going to need a big chunk of wood, but it was achievable, so I got to work in drawing up the dimensions. It would have been a very wasteful club if it had been made from a single log, so we agreed the handle would be made from a separate screw-in part.

Soon production began, starting with sourcing pieces of air-dried timber large and dense enough to achieve the desired weight. It took a while, due to sourcing, seasoning and working the timber between sporadic global lockdowns, but eventually it all came together to form our take on a classic strength tool.


This is a traditional and rustic club, a cross between a heavy single club and a gada. Inspired by those swung in India in times gone by, this gada has similar proportions to the large single club used by the legendary wrestler Great Gama. Sadly, in 2021 Steve passed away before he had a chance to use it. I have been in communication with Steve Angell’s widow, and she has kindly allowed me to name the Angell Gada in his memory.

Interested in trying it for yourself? Head to this page to take a closer look at the heaviest gada in our collection.

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