We’re really pleased with the way our replica Sim D Kehoe Indian clubs have turned out. They top the scales at over 4.5kg each club so are really suited for the experienced club or clubbell swinger who prefers a more strength-based workout. They are a stand-out shape in the world of club swinging with a body shape that flares dramatically from the handle and quickly curves back to the base. This draws the centre of gravity toward the grip, which chokes the swing a little, while maintaining a heavy weighted club. The ones we have made here are particularly heavy with the density of timber used being far heavier than oak! They are also stunning works of art!

The originals date back to the 1860’s after the American Mr Kehoe visited Europe on a trip to discover gymnastic fitness techniques. Here he met the acclaimed fitness exploits of Professor Harrison, who swung giant clubs and was considered the strongest man in England. When he returned to the states, Sim made his own versions of Indian clubs in a series of shapes, which he sold the the American public. He also wrote a book in 1866 to promote the variety of exercises used and copies can still be found today.

5kg Sim D Kehoe Indian clubs

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