Pushups are one of the oldest strength training exercises and have stood the test of time as an invaluable addition to strength training programs. Wooden push-up boards enable a wide range of push-up exercises, including deeper range of motions whilst allowing correct joint alignment during motion. Historically, they have their roots in what is now northern Iran and known as Shena –  a key part of the 7 strength and endurance fitness disciplines in Persian Zurkhaneh (Houses of Strength). They require a superior effort as stability in the shoulders and arms are required when using the board. They also reduce the stress on wrists, a common issue preventing some people from performing regular press-ups. They create a raising of the trunk which allows it to rotate the spine further during ‘screw’ push-ups. This gains extra angles contracting the obliques, abs, pecks and lats – increasing core strength and flexibility.

shena push up PahlavaniSuitable for the average person trying to get in shape up to soldiers, martial artists and world class athletes. The push up itself uses nearly every muscle in the body: pecs, biceps, triceps, deltoids, lats, abs, glutes, quads, obliques, and more. When combined with today’s understanding of body mechanics, irradiation, compression breathing, high tension and other modern training techniques the push up board intensifies the workout, giving a total body conditioning in a short period of time. A combination that spans millenia… ancient tools for modern warriors.

Shena push-up boards allow for a challenging all round body workout on their own, intensifying the push-up variations. Optimise muscular tension and irradiation. Combine muscle chains around the body: pecs, biceps, triceps, deltoids, lats, abs, glutes, quads, obliques, and others. Use regularly for whole body improvements in strength, endurance and flexibility. Traditionally, they are the perfect compliment to Persian meels training in the Iranian ‘zurhaneh’ (house of strength) circular gyms.

Sure, you can make your own. Otherwise, we offer high quality hardwood versions, with hidden joins, made by local craftsmen that carry the BMF branding. A choice of two stiles are on offer.


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