Kettlebells have re-asserted themselves as a must-have for all serious fitness/strength practitioners over the last few years. The other ‘old school’ training device that is now starting to catch up is the Indian Club. Traditionally they are turned in beautiful variations of wood and offer immense shoulder strength and stability, wrist and grip strength and core development. Modern takes on the club have been the forged metal club bells in order to gain more weight. Heavier than the traditional club they offer more strength biased exercises, albeit with more limited range of skills. Both the lighter traditional clubs and the weighted ones together offer a wider range of benefits. Heavier is not better than lighter, they simply challenge the body differently.

We offer the best of both worlds, maintaining the beauty of natural wood and gain weight without needing to use half a tree by adding lead inserts. The image featured shows a pair made to request from a client in Sweden, weighing in at 2kg.

Embellished grooves on Indian clubs are traditionally for decoration. However, we’ve decided to use the grooves to distinguish one weight from another. 2 grooves for 2 kilos, 3 for 3 etc. which is what happened from a request from Sweden last week. The client asked for a weight that was between our listed large 1.5kg and it’s weighted big brother at 3kg. If you need something a little different to the norm, get in touch. We may be able to help.

Still time to order machine turned Indian exercise clubs, before Christmas.


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