indian clubs routineIndian clubs are relatively simple pieces of workout equipment that you can take almost anywhere. The workout consists of swinging weighted clubs in varying and sometimes elaborate movements in order to strengthen and increase mobility in your upper body. Linear and circular movements are utilized to work the body across all angles for optimum benefit. Lighter clubs are also used for joint rehab especially the shoulder rotator cuff.

They have been around for centuries and almost forgotten during the 20th century western world. They are one of the original tools of fitness, along with the dumbbell, medicine ball, and mace. Fortunately they are making their way back to our gyms as sports trainers and elite sportsmen alike are recognising their benefits. I use them for both light and heavy workouts and also incorporate them into my kettlebell classes to prepare the body for the heavy work. I continuously used them over a period of months to slowly reduced, then cure a long term niggling pain deep in my right shoulder.

Our clubs are created by specialist wood turners in the UK to our own unique design. Standard clubs are turned to exact sizes on a semi-automatic lathe. The larger clubs and meels are made entirely by hand. Past skills have been re-developed so we now have an improved handle plus the option to increase the weight to order.

Benefits of Indian Clubs:

  • Achieve greater range of motion with natural movement exercises
  • Build muscle through isometric strength training
  • Indian clubs are easy to transport – take your gym anywhere!
  • Built to last. One set should last you a lifetime.


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